Hex Meaning

Understanding Hex meanings and Symbolism through color and design


Black: Protection, Blends & Binds Elements Together
Blue: Protection, Peace, Spirituality, Calm
Brown: Earth, Friendship, Strength
Green: Growth, Fertility, Success, Ideas
Orange: Abundance
Red: Emotions, Passion, Charisma, Lust, Creativity
Purple: Royalty, All Things Sacred, Religion
White: Purity, Moon Power, Free Flowing Energy
Yellow: Health, Love, Sun, Connection To God


5 Point Star: Good Luck, Compass, Nautical Star

6 Point Star “Hexagram”: 6 attributes of God Wisdom, Power, Majesty, Love, Mercy, and Justice

8 Point Star: abundance and goodwill

10 Point Star: Harmony in natural world

12 Point Star: Represents completeness and good luck throughout the year

Triple Star Motif: Good Luck, Success, and Happiness. This motif is comprised of 3 nautical 5 point stars that are layered and rotated to reveal all points of all stars it symbolizes  a wish for a lifetime of happiness.

Common Shapes and Designs

Hearts: Hearts represent love. When in circle border it signifies endless love.

Raindrops: Represents water and crop abundance.

Scallop Edging: Represent ocean waves and Smooth Sailing Through Life.